"SEO Web Design really, truly understands how business is conducted on the internet and how to draw traffic to your website." - Ben Moss

What Our Clients Say

We are very happy with the way our website has turned out. SEO-Designs has done a great job on it. They came out to our showroom and took pictures to put on our website, which was very helpful. SEO has done a great job maintaining the website and are very prompt making any new changes we need. We have received many compliments on our website from many different people, and made many spa sales due to our website, which we are very pleased with.

we have received great service from SEO-Designs, they inform us of how much activity we get on the website, which helps us know how well the website is doing. We appreciate the hard work from SEO-Designs, and would recommend their services to anyone.

Coastal Hot Spring Spas, Inc.

I offered to write this because I’m so pleased with the work SEO-Designs did for my company. They did everything for us, besides being great to work with, they even came to our showroom and took digital picures for our site. We started getting calls right away and the website paid for itself in the first 2 weeks that it was up. I had no idea a website could have such a positiveimpact on our business. Thanks a million!”

Rick St. George

My new website got my phone ringing with people scheduling appointments at my office. This combination – CD sales plus in – person clients has, in only four months, produced thousands and thousands of dollars of income. I think the website has been such a spectacular success for these reasons:

1) The website was built correctly from the beginning. This is crucial. They built the site knowing beforehand exactly what the major search engines are looking for.

2) SEO Web Design really, truly understands how business is conducted on the internet and how to draw traffic to your website.

3) James (SEO) is a hard worker. He spends hours pouring over statistical breakdowns and analyses of keywords constantly fine tuning the site to get more hits. Having James working on your website is like having a secret weapon.”

Benjamin Moss C.HT., The Benjamin Moss Hypnotherapy Center www.benmosshypnosis.com

Dear James,
Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with the site. Not a day goes by it seems when someone isn’t praising the quality of our site. It conveys just the right image we were looking for. Thanks again for a great job! It was worth every penny.


Jeff Claypool

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