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Web Analytics

Web Analytics is used to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications.

That philosophy drives effective marketing campaigns in every way: design, content creation, social media, and SEO. Checking in with our search engine optimization efforts ensures that they remain on-point. When seeking SEO analysis, we go right to the source. Google Analytics allows SEO Web Design to see which keywords and keyword phrases are bringing new traffic to your website, and which aspects of your web marketing plan are making a difference.

Why Analyze?

You know whether your business is getting calls, and you see how many (or how few) new clients are contacting you. Once you can track how those clients found you, you can better mine that source for future clients. Web analytics offers website owners a way to discover which keywords and keyword phrases are driving clients to your website. Our marketing team will take advantage of that information to sharpen your website’s SEO.

Ranking Reports

With the aid of user-friendly data collecting tools like Google Analytics, it’s simple to analyze the paths your site’s visitors take. SEO Web Design creates monthly ranking reports to keep you involved in the marketing process. We’ll analyze your website and its visitors over time, and report those findings with approachable, clear data. Our team will regularly evaluate the organic keywords that bring in visitors, and adjust your marketing plan to correspond.

Is Your SEO Investment Paying Off?

SEO doesn’t stimulate an immediate search engine response. It takes time and ongoing work to show a boost in site visitors. Keeping in touch with your SEO efforts is therefore imperative. How else can you tell whether your plan is beginning to boost your practice in search engine rankings? The SEO strategy may need to be tweaked to reap ideal results. Monitoring rankings eliminates guesswork and makes your SEO plan a responsive one.

Web analytics are included in each of our SEO packages. Contact us for help investigating your own site’s performance.